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Cylindrical shape with spur cut DIN code ZYA...S

Field Of Application
    Solid cemented carbide head on Ø 6 mm HSS shaft (soldered), with head Ø 6 mm made entirely from solid carbide. Precision manufacture on ultra-modern CNC grinding machines ensures accurate and uniform toothing with optimal tooth sharpening angle. Recommended cutting speed v = 500–960 m/min.
    Calculation of speed n (min): n = (v x 1000) / d x 3.1415
    Optimal economic results are achieved by applying the highest possible speed.

    Maximum chipping of high-strength and tough materials
    Rough and finish milling on hand-operated drive machines
    Application on stationary machines also possible
    The universal toothing type with stronger teeth is suitable for machining stainless steels, steels of greater hardiness, grey cast iron, welding seams, hard plastics and hardened steels.

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Cemented carbide milling bits, cylindrical shape

Cemented carbide milling bits, ZYA-S, cylindrical, 12 x 25 x 6 mm

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